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Vlecad has been developing software for the interior industry since 1987. While in the early years our initial software focused on solid wood processing, Korpus has been the CAD/CAM solution for cabinets and interior elements with plate material since 1998. Korpus was fully developed in-house. Our programmers are working daily to further optimise and expand this program, to ensure that we can meet the high expectations of our customers. Our software works for different types and brands of machines, so we can be of service to any interior specialist or cabinet maker.


For and by the furniture industry 

Vlecad has literally outgrown the furniture industry. The company was founded on 1 April 1987 by Jos Vliegen and Jacques Leen. Jos Vliegen had previously worked for a furniture company in Limburg for many years, where he was in charge of the control of the CNC machines.

Both partners already saw a great future for the automation of machines and developed a CAM module with their new company to control the machinery of furniture builders. This CAM module connected to the existing CAD Key software.

With their own software development Vlecad was the first Belgian company to develop CAD/CAM software to control machines in the wood processing industry.


The birth of Korpus 

Just like other industries, the interior and cabinet sector also underwent many evolutions. Instead of solid furniture, plate material became increasingly popular in the second half of the 1990s.

Vlecad developed the first version of Korpus specifically for these applications. This CAD/CAM software was built from scratch – including the initial source code – by our own programmers. Korpus was the result of many decades of experience in controlling woodworking machines. Korpus offers designers endless creativity within construction and technology boundaries.

With the development of AutoFIT in 2003, Korpus was given an important add-on. AutoFIT optimises the sawing process, which increases efficiency and drastically reduces wood waste.

Over the years Korpus has undergone many extensions and updates. Vlecad is still working on the further development of the programme every day. Korpus offers many possibilities for 3D rendering and virtual reality.

The expansion of the program is also aimed at constantly adding types and brands of machines for connection and control. Because we are the developers of Korpus, we can respond to the specific needs of our customers.


Company takeover by the second generation 

Son Lars Vliegen had been working for Vlecad for several years when he decided to take over the business in 2016. Together with his brothers Sven and Nik – also employed by Vlecad – he ensured the future and brought a new dynamic to the business. In the course of 2018, the company moved to brand new premises – including training centre – in Bree.

Vlecad now has seven specialised employees and is also looking abroad for further growth. To this end a worldwide network of resellers is built up.

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