AutoFIT: Software for sawing optimisation

AutoFIT is an indispensable addition to our CAD/CAM software Korpus. AutoFIT makes sure the different parts are optimally divided over each plate. This sawing optimisation will make your work as efficient as possible and you will save precious material waste. 


AutoFIT helps you to automate the use of plates. The software is connected to your plates warehouse. A barcode scanner supports the management of residues. The post processors are independent for each brand or type of saw or dividing saw.

AutoFIT functionalities?

  • Entering parts 
  • Indicating grain direction
  • Grouping parts with grain direction
  • Indicating required masking


  • Materials list
  • With grain direction, priority rules for base plates, stock management
  • Link preferred machine to certain materials
  • Add columns with extra information


  • Compose laminates 
  • AutoFIT automatically calculates a specified excess size for the core and laminates
  • The software creates sawing schemes for both the complete plates and the glued pieces
  • Preview 
  • When you click in the list a preview of the selected parts will be displayed
  • Parts originating from Korpus will be displayed with their operations


  • Import 
  • Part lists from other software can be imported.


  • Print 
  • Printing labels, cutting schemes and used parts


  • Communication with machines 
  • Reading and issuing orders to various plate warehouses
  • Optimisation when forwarding to multiple machines


  • Post-processor 
  • Independent per brand, type, saw and/or dividing saw
  • For example: Biesse Selco, Constant Philips Interactive Touch, Giben, Grundner Print & Apply, Holzher, Holzma, Martin T74 & T75, Panhans, Scheer, Schelling, SCM Gabbiani, Felder, Poaloni, Altendorf. Other brands will be developed on request.


AutoFIT Web

AutoFIT Web offers sawmills, timber dealers and do-it-yourself stores the possibility to maximise the profitability of their machines.


With this online tool you can let customers or other companies order certain sawing and edge masking tasks. These external parties can access the software with a username and password.