Installation, configuration and training


With our CAD/CAM software Korpus we guarantee interior builders and cabinet makers a total solution for the automation of their design and production processes. We always offer a total service including installation of software, configuration of the machine connections and the required training of all staff. After delivery our service desk will be available for all possible questions. Discover our project approach here. 


1. Free demonstration and on-site analysis

The first step in a collaboration includes a site visit with a demonstration of our software. This demonstration will give you an idea of how Korpus can be applied in your company.

During this site visit we analyse your current production environment and design processes together. We look at the existing control of your machines and your current working method. We will also discuss the problems you are experiencing today.

Then we will explain clearly and concretely what an automation with our CAD/CAM software Korpus would mean. Do you want more advice for optimising your design and production environment? You can always contact us for a consultancy assignment.

Our CAD/CAM software works completely independent of machine brands and types. We have a suitable solution for every cabinet maker, joiner and interior specialist.


2.Customised quotation

After our site visit, we will prepare a quotation. This proposal offers a customised solution for the challenges of your design and production processes that we discussed.

We work according to a licensing model with a one-time purchase of our software. This purchase also includes one year of maintenance, service and updates.

From the second year on you are free to conclude an annual maintenance contract for 10% of the initial investment. This maintenance contract includes all updates and support from our helpdesk.

After approval of this offer we will make further agreements about the implementation and the project progress.


 3.Software installation

Our engineers come by to correctly install our software. We take care of the entire installation, including security and data storage.


4.Configuration of the connection between software and machines

After the installation the interface between the software and the machinery will be configured. We take care of all required connections. Thanks to the flexibility of our software, we are completely brand-independent.


5.Training of all employees

A crucial step in the implementation process involves the intensive training of your employees.

This training focuses on options to design with the software, work preparation and production follow-up.

We provide five days of drawing training (CAD), at your premises or in our offices. You will also discover the numerous possibilities to use the software in sales talks via 3D rendering and virtual reality.

For learning how to control the machinery by means of the software (CAM) we plan two days for relatively simple automation projects and three to four training days for challenging projects. This training is always on site, together with the configuration of the machinery.

You will also learn how to build your own library with materials, existing designs …

Read all about our training options here. 


6.Always available for help and support

After the start-up we remain available for all questions. Our service desk is available every weekday from 8:30 h to 12:30 h and from 13:00 h to 17:00 h.

With your permission, we can also log in to your system remotely. In this way, we can quickly detect any problems and provide the necessary solutions.

When required, we come on site to solve the problem.