Building Group Jansen

Listening carefully to customers and then turning their needs into a suitable solution is still one of the keys to success in today’s economy. Building Group Jansen from Meeuwen-Gruitrode has been producing and supplying standard and customised solutions for interior finishing in buildings for 45 years. In order to offer customers an even better and faster service, the management of the company decided to automate the production. For the past 2 years, they have used Vlecad’s Korpus software, which was specifically customised to their applications by the software specialist’s team.

Building Group Jansen, the largest entity of the Jansen Group since its foundation in 1973, specialises in the interior finishing of buildings. The company is also known as class 8 main contractor in various sectors, such as the office market, retail, leisure, healthcare …


“We compared and tested the different systems on the market and that is how we came across Vlecad’s Korpus software”, explains the project manager. “The interior finishing of the AZ Sint-Maarten care project in Mechelen was actually a pilot project. We then sat down with Lars Vliegen, manager of Vlecad, to discuss our specific needs down to the smallest details. The software specialist fully adapted the Korpus package to the manufacturer’s needs in a very short time span, which made it possible to manufacture the cabinets and other elements of the project much faster and more efficiently. Vlecad also integrated the AutoCad layout into the software, making it easy for any employee to use the system.”


Building Group Jansen was convinced that the Korpus software could offer much more possibilities than the applications shown by Vlecad during their demonstrations. It had to be possible not only to produce simple elements, but also to draw and work out complex furniture, such as a complete counter or a (round) bar. By listening to the customer, Vlecad succeeded in further optimising and expanding the software. “Lars Vliegen knows the matter inside out. After all, he first gained the necessary experience with the machines on the shop floor before he started developing software”, concludes Stijn Jansen. “We are definitely very satisfied with the Vlecad system and service. It is a strong package that allows us to continue to grow in a short time. That is why we also selected the Korpus drawing package for our new location in Westerlo.”

“We make total projects. In the Atelier, our own joinery, we produce acoustic wall coverings, complete shop furnishings and exhibition stands, but above all custom furniture, such as bar furniture, reception desks, benches, etc.”, says Stijn Janssen, project manager Atelier. “We rely on our team of experienced employees and we have lots of machinery and modern equipment.”


In order to further optimise efficiency and productivity on the shop floor and to expand the possibilities, Building Group Jansen decided to extensively automate the joinery and production. More than 2 years ago the company was therefore looking for a suitable drawing package for the automatic production of standard customised solutions. AutoCad had been used in the past, but the specialist now wanted a drawing package tailored to their applications.