PDV Interieur

The finishing prevails

In interior applications, a high degree of finishing is still very important for every customer. For more than 30 years PDV Interieur’s focus has been on their customers. This company from Mollem (Asse) specialises in the development and production of standard and customised solutions for the furnishing of private homes and business premises.

In order to increase the efficiency and productivity on the shop floor, expand the options and significantly reduce the risk of errors, the manager decided to invest in Vlecad’s Korpus software mid last year. PDV Interieur, founded in 1986, specialises in the interior design of homes and business premises. This family business is committed to a high degree of finishing and customer satisfaction. “We will not shy away from any challenge”, says Managing Director Patrick De Vos. “We manufacture everything in our own workshop with paint division and because we want to deliver the very best quality to our customers, we permanently invest in our machinery. For example, we recently renewed our dividing saw and spray booth. The combination of this up-to-date machine park and  the professional knowledge of our experienced team means we can achieve quite a lot.”


In order to increase the efficiency and productivity on the shop floor, expand the options and significantly reduce the risk of errors, PDV Interieur decided in the summer of 2017 to invest in the Vlecad Korpus software in combination with Autofit. “In the past, we first drew all plans completely in vectorworks and then entered the cabinets separately in another program. This resulted in a loss of time and increased the risk of errors”, says Tarcis De Vos, the manager’s son. “Thanks to the Vlecad software, we can now print all the plans for the people on the shop floor from the production drawing. In this way, drawing and production are perfectly aligned. We can also display a 3D image of each cabinet, allowing any errors to be detected before the production phase, which saves a lot of time and money. Moreover, with the software 10.0 version curved shapes can also be imported and edited, providing even more options to our customers.”


PDV Interieur was a bit scared that it would take a while before everyone could easily use the software. After an intensive training by experienced Vlecad specialists it took only a week before the operators were able to build cabinets completely parametrically and start production. “The Korpus software is extremely user-friendly and the training was also completely to the point, because it is given by people who have worked with the software for a long time and have their own views on drawing. They explain everything down to the smallest details and use clear examples that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer”, say father and son De Vos. “We have been working with the Korpus software for almost a year now and are already very satisfied with the system and the service. The results exceed our expectations. The drawing and production process is much faster and we rarely have to deal with errors. Thanks to the clear and detailed production plans, we can also complete the projects faster. And this software gives us many more possibilities.”