CAD/CAM software for interior builders and cabinet makers

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Vlecad is fully focused on the development of CAD/CAM software for interior builders and cabinet makers. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, CAM means Computed Aided Manufacturing. CAD/CAM therefore combines design and manufacturing in one software package. Our Korpus software guarantees a total solution for the design (including 3D rendering) of cabinets and complete interiors, customer presentation and automated production. Korpus can be used to control all brands and types of machines.

Why work with our CAD/CAM software?

Enjoy the many advantages by using our CAD/CAM software Korpus:
  • Thanks to the automation your production will be much faster.
  • The burden of error is much lower.
  • You save costs due to more efficient use of raw materials.
  • The efficiency of your machinery increases.
  • You save labour costs thanks to the automation.
  • You will easier find suitable personnel thanks to the simplified automated operation.

In which situations does our CAD/CAM software guarantee high added value?

Interior builders and cabinet makers can use our total solution for various reasons:
  • The production preparation may be going difficult.
  • The control of your old machines is outdated.
  • You want to expand your machinery with machines of different brands.
  • The burden of error in your production process is too high.
  • You want to automate your production.
  •  Valuable and experienced employees are retiring or leaving.
  • You can’t find experienced and qualified cabinet makers anymore.

What are the advantages of our CAD/CAM software?

  • From the source code to the most recent functionalities: the complete Korpus software was developed in-house by our programmers. This gives us an incredible flexibility to respond to very specific needs. We always have a tailor-made solution.
  • We work completely independently from the machine brands. With our software all brands and types of machines can be controlled. These include milling machines, dividing saws, sawing machines, CNC machines, nesting machines, punch presses, drills, glue machines, plant magazines, edge banding machines …
  • Korpus does not only bring you an automated production control, it will also bring you a convincing presentation tool. Your designs are easily rendered into appealing 3D presentations in colour. 3D glasses allow your customers to virtually walk through their future interior and customise colours and materials according to their wishes. You can even build a virtual showroom. The 3D drawings have a parametric structure and can also be used as installation instructions.
  • You have a clear overview of your entire production process at any time, also remotely online. Every part is scanned with a barcode in every production step, from sawing over assembly to installation. You know the status of each part and immediately detect possible issues.
  • We guarantee a total service for the implementation. This includes installation, configuration of all interfaces between the software and the machines and the training of your employees. Read more about this under project approach.

Which companies can benefit

from our CAD/CAM software?

Our software offers a total solution for the design and production of custom cabinets, dressings and complete interiors.

Our software offers a high added value to all interior builders, cabinet makers, kitchen builders, bathroom specialists, joiners …

Which software can be used in addition to our CAD/CAM software Korpus?

  • AutoFIT: this in-house developed saw optimisation software is always installed together with Korpus. AutoFIT optimises the cutting of parts from the plates. AutoFIT will make you save a lot on your raw materials and reduce industrial waste. More about AutoFIT
  • KeyShot: an excellent rendering tool to create 3D images and animations. Works excellent with Korpus. More about KeyShot
  • Indigo: for a photorealistic 3D rendering of your interior designs. Specialised in calculating and displaying the right angle of light. More about Indigo
  • KeyCreator and EasyCam: KeyCreator and EasyCam together form a complete CAD/CAM application for free forms and massive materials, mainly aimed at the woodworking industry.

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