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What is AutoFIT?

With AutoFit, parts are distributed optimally across each plate, minimizing waste.

Why AutoFIT?

- Automate your plate usage
- Connection with various plates warehouses 
- Rest management via barcode scanner
- Post Processors for different Saws / panelsaws

Systeem requirements

Besturingssysteem: Windows
Harde schijf:
Grafische kaart:

More about AutoFIT

Entering parts
Determine grain direction, grouping of parts with grain direction and determine masking
Material list
- with grain direction, priority rules for baseplates, stock management
- Associate a preferred machine to certain materials
- The posibility to create columns for extra information yourself. 
Compose your own Laminates
If you glue on laminates yourself you can now compose within AutoFIT automatically a specified excess settled for the core and the laminates themselves, saw schedules can be created for both the full plates as the glued pieces.
Display of parts in the parts list. If the parts come from Korpus edits will be visible.
Loading the Parts lists from external software firms. 
Printing of labels, saw schedules and used parts. 
Communicatie met machines
- Post processor is brand, type saw and/or beam saw independent 
- Forwarding optimization to several machines
Independent for each brand, type, saw and /or panelsaw
Existing post processors that control the machines:
Biesse Selco, Constant Philips Interactive Touch, Giben,Grundner Print & Apply, Holzher, Holzma, Martin T74 & T75, Panhans, Scheer, Schelling, SCM Gabbiani, Felder, Poaloni, Altendorf.

Your saw is not listed? Please contact us.

AutoFIT App & Web

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