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Vlecad bvba exclusive distributor KeyCreator BeNeLux.

The KeyCreator (formerly CADKEY) is known as a flexible and easy to use CAD/CAM software. KeyCreator has continued to build on the foundations of CADKEY.

KeyCreator combines the latest technology with CADKEY's legendary versatility, ease of use and flexibility. KeyCreator is an innovative CAD/CAM solution to slice the problems, where designers are faced with daily.

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EasyCam is a CAM module designed primarily for the woodworking industry.

EasyCam is as an "AddOn" integrated into the CAD system KeyCreator, allowing the user to remain always in the same area for both the drawing and for the programming (Creating CNC programs).

EasyCam combines the powerful 2D / 3D drawing functionality of KeyCreator with specific CAM functions, such as 3-, 5-axis milling / drilling / sawing, main and sub program and technology. The CAM data are stored in the same format as the drawing, therefore only 1 file needs to be maintained.

The CAM data is also associative, this means that if the geometry changes the resulting CNC program changes also.

- Creating 2D/3D in-and outlet elements :
In the dialog box, in which the various parameters can be defined, the type of in -and outlet can be inserted. These can be ticked with the respective values ​​to be ensured, or these are variable and are determined at the time that the in -and outlet elements are drawn. This is a powerful feature that is appreciated by the many EasyCAM users.

- Vertical- / horizontal- / 5-axis- / multidrilling :

Both vertical, horizontal and drill contours for multidrilling aggregates are supported. In a dialogue with the user is creating drilling outlines a simple matter. Predefined drill patterns can also be used. For example: filling up drill holes between a beginning and end limit using the 32 mm or 64 mm grid.

- 2.5D/3D sawing As in many EasyCAM functions is also here, in a dialogue with the user, the position of the saw blade and the angle (if 5-axis cutting) of the saw blade relative to the saw surface determining. Thanks to the relatively advanced automation in the saw function all the parameters can be adjusted at any time so that an optimal saw contour can be created.

- Pocket milling 2D/3D (3D only in 1 plane) For pocket milling an outer contour should be indicated in which, if desired, also one or more Islands can be defined. This function will calculate the mechanical course fully independently, depending on the defined tools. Can be used by the zig-zag or spiral method. The room can be gradually deepened.

- Semi automatic nesting EasyCam patterns are positioned with a towing movement in a plate. This function scans continuously the boundaries of the (ever-shrinking) available space. During the drag operation, the user has several options available to place the pattern optimally, such as alignment and rotation.

- Editing of mechanical courses On a rather unique way the CAM data from the in KeyCreator signed or imported outlines can be changed. These changes consist mainly of changing the depths and speeds. Along with pocket milling, this function is frequently used to do the preliminary "sting" work of the CNC machine. The outlines are thus visible. The finishing of the stitch work is then done by "hand".