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What is Korpus?

Korpus is a Windows 3D CAD/CAM application in which a complete interior and/or individual objects can be designed and/or can be (NC) programmed. The 3D objects are parametric and can both be used as presentation and assembly drawings as for controlling CNC machines..

Why Korpus?

With Korpus you automate and optimize your production process.

- Build your complete interior directly from the room.
- Objects are parametric from the beginning of the design.
- CNC machine tool definitions, in/out distances, etc. are automatically charged.
- Controlling 3-, 4-, 5-axis CNC-and/or Nestingmachines! Brand and type independent.
- Fittings and appliances are brand and type independent.
- Automatic processing of the following lists or data sheets: parts lists, cut lists, assembly drawings and labels.
- Importing and exporting of 3DS-files. Link to KeyShot 

Systeem requirements

Operatingsystem: Windows
RAM:  16 Gb (8Gb min)
Processor: I7  (I5 min)
Hard disc: SSD recommended
Grafische kaart: Intel HD ( NVIDIA GTX 10 series recommended)

Korpus benefits
less chance for errors (disable intermediary) and less time wasted, giving you higher returns!
Connect Korpus with 'Admin' and immediately get your offer, orderlist, control through time management and costing.


Industrie 4.0 Ready

With Korpus we allready feed your production process, but from now on you can also follow the entire process of each individual component. From your company or from a distance! Each item is scanned at each station, from sowing, mounting to installation. Thus, both the manager, the project leader and the production preparer have a view on the complete projects.

Industrie 4.0 Ready Benefits
Every person knows the status of a certain item and receives detailed information about the next handling. (Workflow communication via PC / smartphone)
Consult your production-unit from any location
Easy to see where each item is located
Bottlenecks within the productionunit become visual so solutions can be proposed. 


THE fully integrated solution for the interior designer.